M618 SIP with PBX function

BMT/Hotel Phone is our newest device offered as a single solution for low-power VOD, guest room Wi-Fi, and PBX platforms designed for the decreased use of guest room phones due to the spread of smartphones.
*There is no need to secure MDF and there is no need for telephone wiring!
  It is possible to greatly reduce PBX and Wi-Fi investment costs.

Guest-owned smartphones can be used as extension phones!!

With BMT/Hotel Phone, the Guest’s smartphones and tablets can be used as phone-like extensions, an information delivery service, and a travel support function for when guests go out.



・Inbound/outbound calls

  • Front desk call
  • Morning call
  • Inbound/outbound phone
  • Hotel information
  • Room cleaning
  • Receive messages

*Some functions will be provided in succession via app updates.

In addition, even after checkout:
・Information distribution
・Free extension calls with friends
・Coupon distribution
The app can be continuously used for:

Staff-owned smartphones can be used as extension phones!!

By installing an application on staff-owned smartphones and PCs, they can be turned into extension phones.

All external calls can be automatically recorded. Recorded voice data can be checked at any time.
This prevents errors such as misheard reservations.